Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Sophisticated structuring using life insurance
The most intelligent product one day drawn, however the most misunderstood product of planet earth: “life insurance”.

Understanding what benefits and advantages a life insurance contract can offer can be difficult.The concept of death is a great taboo, but we have 2 guarantees in life:

1) We will all die;
2) We all need to pay taxes;

With this concept in mind, I show our community why Americans buy “too much” life insurance. Quite simply, they understand the concept of leverage, the multiplier effect of $ 1.00 becoming $ 5.00, $ 10.00 or $ 15.00 futures, tax-free.

In short, the word life insurance generates resistance. We need a change of paradigm, no one likes to talk about death, but in almost 18 years of career and after my technical explanations, I have never heard anyone say anything other than: “wow” that incredible product for asset transfer, should have known these concepts 30 years ago!

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